wild fields
2015 — ongoing.

To give a frame to any structure, one has to create a narration that would divide people onto those taking part and those outside of it. In case of a state, a myth utilises symbols of special significance, poets, brave soldiers, progressive industrialisation, injuries and injustices, magnificence of the landscape. Changes in structure require corresponding changes of myth itself - changes of banners, changes of important parts of history, changes of eternal allies.

Michał Sierakowski, documentary photographer working on a Wild Fields documentary project, focuses on relations between Ukrainian landscape and the national identity of present Ukraine - constantly changing and reconstructing in a process of shaping the national myth out of various elements of the past. Myth-creating function of national heritage, idea of patriotism suspended between modern nationalism and romantic-era backbone, legacy of communist industrialisation and finally, the pantheon of modern heroes and martyrs - all of these elements, leaving a trace in the landscape and social structure, construct a narrative about contemporary Ukraine, just as unassuming and changing shape as the myth of the framework of the national structure.

This project is co funded by the artistic scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage